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Exclusive interior solutions from metal, stone, porcelain stoneware, wood involve: Renovating and finishing interiors
Designing, producing and mounting facade systems from stone and metal. Reconstructing facades
Architectural and detail engineering is introduced along with producing and installing roof systems. Reconstructing roofs (2)
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The result of our work are products that over the years become the medium of time spirit and traces of generations. We offer such things the possession of which gives you a sense of deep satisfaction that is increasing according to their age or time you have spent among these things.

Nobody can imagine an ideal house without the products we offer. You have seen them many times in your daily life. But have you wondered if you can be a part of bringing this beauty to reality. Every man has the innate desire to see his home unique and comfortable. And the most valuable distinctive feature of any accommodation is time spirit and traces of generations such as a tree planted by your grandfather, your father’s desk, an old wrought-iron fence with a family stamp of craftsmen who created such a beauty by their father’s sketches.

The best works

Our masters are ready to implement even the most complicated roof projects. Not only do we ensure turn-key roofing works but we also make any possible kinds of roof covering and accessories made of sheet metal.

Our architects and designers create interiors of original style, of impeccable taste and exquisite in every detail. We aspire to individuality and exceptionality in each of our works.

Our masters are capable of embodying customers’ most daring imagination into reality. We deal with unique stone mosaics, landscaping, decoration of facades and interior space, making author’s stone products.

Facade works demand high-qualified riggers. Our specialists carry out quite professional installing of load-bearing structures, subsystems, insulation and facade cladding.

Reviews from our clients

K.V. Ryzhkov
JSC "ARMO-Invest"

Dear Denis Vladimirovich! ARMO-Invest JSC thanks you and your company for the quality work done on time on the installation of the copper roof of the house in the village. Buzlanovo.

The results of your company’s work deserve an excellent assessment! I wish you and your company continued success and new achievements…

Trofimov Ivan

Dear Denis Vladimirovich! The architectural bureau «BLOCKSTUDIO» thanks you and your company for the quality work in the implementation of the project of our bureau for the installation of a seam roof of a private house in the village. Letova Grove.

Employees of your company proved to be high-class specialists, and our bureau…

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